Who Are We?

  • Founded in South Australia, WeCann has positioned itself as the major player in the Australian Medical Cannabis market
  • With facilities established in South Australia, WeCann has engaged with globally recognised research groups and manufacturers to bring Medical Cannabis to the Australian markets
  • WeCann is working with the state government of South Australia and the Australian federal government to enact law changes for export of our products to the global market
  • WeCann has commercial agreements with Microsoft’s Kind Financial to ensure transparency and world's best practice are used at all steps of growing, manufacturing and selling
  • WeCann's focus is to create a world class facility in Australia for Medicinal Cannabis research through joint venture partnerships with key stake holders throughout the Asia Pacific region.

Contact Us

WeCann is committed to the development of a safe, sustainable and world-leading medicinal cannabis industry based in Adelaide. We look forward to working constructively with local, state and federal governments, medical research organisations, patient advocacy groups and community leaders.

If you have a specific request or question, you can chat to us on Facebook or Twitter or email us direct using the contact information below.